It was late afternoon strolling about downtown Houston with my homeboy from the university and his new Canon DSLR. He was snapping and I was admiring his camera flow when he offered, “you can take some pics.” I wasn’t exactly sure how to properly hold it, but I mirrored his technique, peered into the view finder, and framed my first image.  Shutter release. Then I shifted my position to frame him in low a dutch angle, something I didn’t know at the moment, to capture him profile bulb construction lighting overhead. Shutter release. And again, shutter release. As much as felt inspired by the clicking sound exposures captured, I anticipated the seeing the outcome my novice work. After handing him the camera to review the footage, “Yo! You should get a camera too, this is dope! Shhh, you’re betta than me already.” There was a grin of satisfaction I could not resist expressing. Several months would pass before I invested in a camera. To my surprise it has been just over a decade since I first shutter released.

Becoming a creative behind the lens is journey starting in childhood with a fascination for stories and film. Now embracing the synergic harmony of my analytic right brain immersed in economic, philosophic and scientific theories with an extensive imagination, intuition and artistic expression through multiple forms of media, the roots of Azali Pictures grows deeper and ever expanding to capture eternity in moments.